The mythical Cyclades in Greece

Taking a trip to the islands of the Cyclades means dreaming while remaining in reality. The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean sea that have a circular layout, the cradle of ancient civilizations, rich in Hellenic myths and heroes whose context is among the most beautiful and fascinating on the planet. A journey that envelops you in mystery and beauty, a magical place that arouses emotions for the light of the sun that surrounds you for the whiteness of the white houses or for the blue of the domes of the churches, for the romantic streets full of flowers and life or for the fun that arouses the intense nightlife, exploring the Cyclades is definitely a dream trip. You can visit the islands Paros Antiparos, Kea, Ios, Mykonos with a Gulet for a richer and more adventurous experience by discovering pristine deserted beaches that only you can explore because it is only possible to get there by sea you can stay in these white beaches with crystal clear water for an undisturbed picnic in tranquility surrounded by colorful and fragrant flora and enveloping light and warmth to immerse yourself in a meditative warmth under the shade of a majestic tree and then dive into the turquoise waters. So discover the unique picturesque places that evoke historical, mythological moments or that give you a sense of deep and essential emotions for your well-being.

What to do in the Cyclades Paros, Antiparoa, Ios, Kea, Mykonos you can take advantage of numerous activities such as festivals with traditional Cycladic music ancestral folklore rich in symbolic and mysterious meaning in a festive, joyful friendly atmosphere where you can drink and eat traditional, tasty and natural products help yourself to a drink with some Tsípouro and exquisite food accompanied by pleasant music with traditional instruments immerse yourself in this positive environment you will be involved in island dances for a summer evening under a starry sky and a light Cycladic breeze that make your evening perfect . Where to stay

You can take advantage of staying in the wonderful villas with comfortable breathtaking views with various options swimming pools, sports fields, chefs and more that Optimumvip has selected for you by sharing unique and unforgettable moments with friends, or rent Gulets equipped with all comforts with bedrooms , lounges, jacuzzis, an area where you can sunbathe or be seated comfortably while reading a book in the shade or decide to take a dip to cool off, the choice is yours. OUR SELECTION

Drink and eat In Mykonos at Amazon during the day you can enjoy delicious snacks or light meals with delicious Mediterranean snacks at the Pool Bar for the evening a greek chef uses fresh local ingredients with exotic flavors an eclectic Greek-Mediterranean menu matches your meal with selected cocktails or Greek or international wines and enjoy an evening fascinating on the edge of the pool under the stars the full moon reflected in the sea and the music of the island that echoes in the fresh Cycladic atmosphere. At the Nama restaurant in Mykonos name that derives from an exquisite sweet wine which means "a gift from God" so rooted in the Greek Orthodox tradition restaurant that has as its epicenter the excellent Greek products with a contemporary approach and delicious wines the restaurant has a breathtaking view over the Aegean Sea towards the island of Delos. At Bill & Coo Mykonos embodies the life of Mykonos with contemporary Greek cuisine blending gourmet dishes and typical tavern dishes prepared with fresh and organic products and a wine list of exceptions a selection of rare bottles and a refined dessert with a Beefbar and a special bespoke cocktail bar at the Pool Louge bar, all of which can be enjoyed in a lovely relaxing setting with a gaze towards a lighted pool on a sweet summer evening. Al Noa combines gastronomic cultural heritage and innovation to create sublime dishes. Mediterranean flavors are best expressed with genuine ingredients whose restaurant selects the best poescato products reared grown in Mykonos. Let yourself be accompanied by this multisensory experience with the notes of guitar, bouzouki and saxophone around the pool, the restaurant and the air bar for a sparkling evening.