Updated: Mar 4, 2021

THE HISTORY OF THE RÉMY MARTIN HOUSE For three centuries the large family-run cognac manufacturer run by two families, Rémy Martin and the Hériard Dubreuil families. Rémy Martin is one of the very few cognac houses created by a family born and raised in Cogna, the story of this family is of enterprising men and women who are daring and talented creators. Their story begins in 1724, Rémy Martin a young winegrower in Cognac, begins selling cognac under his own name, the excellence of his cognac King Louis XV of France diets the authorization to Rémy Martin to plant new vines, the first Rémy Martin Grande Champagne cognac is created, success only grew beyond the borders of Europe, the United States, Asia and the Pacific. To represent the cognac house, they chose the centaur as their logo. By entering into partnership with André Renaud the house develops its full potential. André Renaud becomes the first Cellar Master of the house, and later its chairman. Launches Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP by blending Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne crus. It's an immediate success based on its differentiating point: superior quality. Fine Champagne cognac is legally recognized for its superior quality. André Renaud decides the house will exclusively produce cognac made from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne crus. André Giraud uses the new technologies in the cellars, creates the new development center and the first cooperage at Merpins. Other important and visionary collaborations with winemakers follow one another giving life to iconic bottles such as the black frosted VSOP bottle and the Rémy Martin XO, the epitome of opulence and sophisticatione and the latest born the Centaure and Centaure de Diamant.

An Iconic Decanter LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition

To celebrate its 140th anniversary, the House of LOUIS XIII unveiled a limited series of just 775 decanters of the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition. These numbered decanters were drawn from a unique 572-liter tierçon, part of the family's reserve in the Domaine de Merpins. Such an important celebration requires an iconic decanter: a contemporary "Black Pearl" version of the metal bottle to make this superb metallic decanter, the House of Baccarat treated the crystal using a unique plating technique with the superposition of precious materials, titanium, carbon and gold which gives the decanter a wonderful reflective quality unique in its kind, the result is a true work of art.