Updated: Mar 4, 2021

AN EXCEPTIONAL YACHT BY BUGATTI The icon of sports yachts is the Bugatti Niniette 66 limited edition yacht, a concentrate of design technology and high performance created by two brands of excellence Bugatti Chiron and Palmer Johnson. The historic Palmer Johnson brand known worldwide for the construction of the most innovative yachts has been combined with Bugatti's signature engineering traits such as the accentuated center line, perfect symmetry and a sweeping signature curve. The distinctive features of PJ are to use advanced material such as carbon to create a new generation Yatch of innovative shape with innovative material and with the Bugatti design they created a cutting-edge yatch with a length of 20 m and a maximum speed of 44 knots with efficiency and amazing comfort the super slim hull provides higher speeds with lower input power and fuel burn ideal for easily reaching the intended destinations with hand-made multi-level lounges whose curves maximizing visual appeal and optimizing spaces furthermore the crown jewel is the harmony between Jacuzzi, sundeck and champagne bar. The interior room expresses all the sumptuousness with precious materials paying homage to the Bugatti automotive heritage while maintaining an enveloping luxury always in harmony with the characteristic comfort of Bugatti. The master suite Bugatti Niniette 66 is unforgettable its beauty resides in the harmony of opposites, soft leather and shiny metal, suede and carbon fiber. Signature Bugatti horseshoe shaped salon with heritage automotive traits, including the macaron skylight. The guest bathrooms with marble accents and luxurious accessories and the kitchen and associated equipment are of high quality material. After 207 years of heritage in the construction of hulls, the PJ is a pioneer in the use of aluminum which won all the most important regattas. The yacht built in 1979 was the fastest in the world for about 10 years and then perfected the carbon fiber in the new super sport series, pushing beyond the limits in design and technology are the prerogatives and ambitions of the PJ la Niniette is the latest exhibition of forward-looking design, steeped in craftsmanship and art. The Bugatti this historic car manufacturer has an exceptional record since the victory in 1924 of the first Monte Carlo Grand Prix to the fastest car in the world today whose secret is unconditional constant innovation. Bugatti once built boats, in fact the founder of Bugatti Ettore Bugatti was commissioned by Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi in 1930 to build a unique motorboat whose name that was attributed to the motorboat is Niniette the family pet name of his youngest daughter Lidia.